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In this case there are 2 options: 1. multidomain ssl certificate. In this certificate, you can specify all of your domains mirrors, as well as your other sites. 2. You can also order a separate certificate for each domain on the server to create 2 virtualhosta, and send them to the same folder. For each virtualhost set your ssl certificate.
In order to get either an SSL certificate you need to CSR code to be generated on your server. This code is encrypted request for a ssl certificate, which contains the information about your site and / or organization. When generating a CSR code, you also generate and Private key - the key that stays with you, it will not need to transfer, you will need it when you install ssl certificate. If...
Speed issuing SSL certificate depends on the method of verification, which involves a request for one or another ssl certificate.SSL certificates with check domain issued within a few minutes, you only need to confirm that you are the owner of this domain by clicking on the special link sent to you after your order and payment certification center.SSL certificates with verification organization...
Yes, almost all of our hosting service plans support the installation of SSL technology SNI.Thanks to SNI to install ssl certificate does not need a dedicated IP address.On our blog available video installation guide SSL Certificate to our hosting.
SSL-certificate - a certificate of your site in digital form, which serves as proof that communications between your browser and the website visitor is made on a secure channel, and the transmitted data is encrypted so they can not be intercepted. Furthermore, information is also protected by the digital signature, allowing it ensures privacy and secure connection. SSL-certificate also...

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